Brief Resume

Selected Individual Exhbitions
2019 Sala Frey, Municipal Building, San Carlos Bariloche, Argentine
2016 NYPL, Bloomingdale Library, New York
2016 to 1990 Rio Negro Newspaper Founded in 1912, Patagonia Cevino 4407, Cap Fed. Argentine
2013 to 2009 New York Public Libray Hamilton Grange Branch, New York
2011 Retrospective, Comahue National University, Viedma, R.N., Argentine
2009 to 2006 Serie Personal Performances, Viedma, Patagonia , Argentine and New York
2004 Prospect Lefferts Gardens , 34th Annual House Garden Tour, Brooklyn, New York
1998 Elizabeth 268 Space, New York
1995 Museo de La Cultura Maya, Chetumal, Mexico
Cultural Center of The City of Puerto Varas, Chile
Museo del Fuerte de San Felipe, Bacalar, Mexico
Museo de la Guerra de las Castas, Tihosuco, Mexico
Soto Galicia Latin American Art , New York
1994 Federal Building , Brooklyn , New York
1988 Bernardino Rivadavia Cultural Hall, La Plata , Buenos Aires , Argentine
The Royal Bank of Canada , Buenos Aires, Argentine
1987 Humahuaca Province Hotel, Jujuy, Argentine
1985 Italian Argentine Cultural Center Luigi Pirandello, Viedma , Argentine
1984 City Hall Cultural Center, Viedma, Rio Negro , Argentine
1983 Dominican Republic Embassy, Buenos Aires, Argentine

2019 - Exhibition declared of Cultural and Social Interest

Rio Negro Prov. Legislature, Viedma, Rio Negro, Argentine

2011 - Exhibition declared of Cultural & Educational Interest

Rio Negro Prov. Legislature, Viedma, Rio Negro, Argentine

Selected Group Exhbitions
2017 Museo Fueguino de Arte, Rio Grande, Argentine
2004 New York Historical Society, New York
2002 Polytechic University , Wunsch Center Student Gallery, Brooklyn , New York
Museum of Modern Art, Life of the City, New York
Caleum Gallery , New York
Here is New York Show, Chicago
2001 Here is New York Gallery , New York
The Joe & Emily Lowe Art Gallery at Hudson Guild, New York
2000 Wriston Art Center , Lawrence University , Appleton WI
Linder Gallery, Miller Library, Keystone College , La Plumme , PA
Center for Photography at Woodstock , Woodstock, New York
1999 Daura Gallery, Lynchburg College , Virginia
1998 Queensborough Community College of The City University of New York , Queens, NY
Golden Anniversary of The Joe & Emily Lowe Art Gallery , New York
Peculiar Works Project, Big Art in Small Places,
(in association with Lincoln Center Director’s Lab),
Charas Cultural Center and Downtown Arts Festival, New York
1997 Judson Memorial Church, New York
1995 Art Initiatives, Salon 1995 / “Maximum Capacity”, New York
Gallery Camino Real, Cancun , Mexico
1994 The Roger Smith Gallery, New York
1992 Recoleta Cultural Center, Buenos Aires , Argentine
1989 National Museum of Oriental Art, Buenos Aires , Argentine


1997 Asian American Society Symposium, Zimmerli Art Museum , New Jersey
1996 Metropolitan Museum of Art, Program for Teachers, New York
1995 Metropolitan Museum of Art. “From Images to Myths and Beliefs”, Prof Luis Vergara,
Metropolitan Museum of Art, Program for Teachers, New York
1994 Pratt Institute School Art and Design, Metalworking. New York
1988 to 1991 Sculpture Degree, National School of Fine Arts, “Prilidiano Pueyrredon”, Bs As, Argentine
1984 Lessons on Etching, National Museum of Fine Arts , Buenos Aires , Argentine
1983 to 1987 Fine Arts Degree, National School of Fine Arts “Manuel Belgrano”, Buenos Aires, Argentine
Advanced Sculpture Techniques, Ramon Castejon Studio, Buenos Aires , Argentine
1977 to 1978 National Educ. Degree, Superior Inst. for teacher’s Formation N0. 25, Patagones, Argentine
1972 to 1973 La Rueda, Viedma, Rio Negro, Argentine
1967 to 1969 City Hall Center of The Culture, Fine Arts, Art History, Viedma, Rio Negro, Argentine

2002 Silver Medal “Arts, Sciences, and Letters”

Couronne par L’a Academie Francaise.
Paris, France

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